Sales and Repair

We provide what you need, without overselling or cutting corners

    Lynnwood Pro Audio began as a live sound company and continues to focus on providing high quality sound systems wherever, whenever they are needed. But occasionally we find that working in a venue with a sub-par public address system installed. It is easy to help upgrade a space to it’s former glory or beyond.

    When we sell or install equipment we keep 3 things in mind:

  1. What is the intended use?
  2. We find too often it is easy to oversell equipment for a venue’s purpose. If a 400-seat school theatre has no need for 25,000 watts of line array, why would somebody apply for a grant to get it? Sure, it’s going to work for what they need, but there is no reason to take that much money from the source when it can be better used elsewhere.

  3. Who is the intended user?
  4. If the user is a professional engineer, the equipment installed will be tailored to their needs and easily expandable as they see fit. If the user is a musician, or school faculty, the expandability and additional features should be kept to a minimum, as a professional system can easily become overwhelming.

  5. How long does it need to last?
  6. If a system is being installed in a temporary configuration with the intent to overhaul shortly after, how much of what is being installed will carry over? Everything else could be considered a disposable item and spending should be kept to a minimum.

    If a system is intended to last, cutting corners on cable quality, speakers, etc. will save lots of money, but will also severely impact the longevity of a system.

    Keeping these key points in mind we work with some of the best names in the industry! we can provide you with whatever you need to make sure the job gets done right!

Live Sound and Recording

With almost 10 years of experience in the professional audio industry, we are able to provide sound for any venue from 15 to 15,000 with ease. With our digital systems, we also offer high quality concert recording and studio recording.

Sales and Repair

Need a mic, cable, or a complete retrofit? We have it all! We offer on-site or in-house repair of most any audio equipment or even custom integration for compatibility of old and new equipment.

Contact Info

Joey Mircea – owner
P.O. Box 3385
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